What sets us apart?

What makes us different from other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is fully financially independent, and although we encourage you to make donations to increase our impact, we do not depend on outside funding.

That also means that we are not competing with other organizations for volume, numbers or key data.

The field of development aid and relief organizaions has become an industry like any other. This has it’s good side because the industry has learned and improved its methods of work over the past 60 years and it has become more efficient. But the downside is, that the competition between organizations has become as fierce as in any other industry. In many areas, donations have not increased at all, or only very little, while humanitarian organizations are spending more and more money on public relations and on promoting their causes. That, in the end, means less funding for the advertised causes, which is something that we at The DEAR Foundation Switzerland do not wish to engage in and do not support at all! All Public Relations work to acquire funding is in the end paid with donations – with your money.

We feel that true solidarity with the less fortunate should come from within and not need a lot of advertising and expensive marketing campaigns.

Our financial independence is precisely what gives us the freedom to look at the real need, often in areas which are neglected by the media and development organizations; and then we make sure we have experienced local partners to do whatever we think needs to be done.

This means that we can afford to seek out humanitarian projects according to the actual need, not based on what is "en vogue" in the press. Too often the suffering and needs of people continue after the media have stopped talking about a particular issue because new catastrophes have occurred in the meantime.

We only provide support for organisations using professional work practices, relying on those who have experience in these cultures, and only spend appropriate amounts of money on administrative matters and improve the quality of life of those in need.

So, more and more people are starting to appreciate our special methods and are asking us to manage their humanitarian projects with their own funding and give us donations or leave us money in their will, which will be injected 100% into the desired projects.

If you wish to install your own foundation with your own name and purpose, under The DEAR Foundation Switzerland umbrella, you might save a lot of fees and thus profit from our know-how and experience.

Our work is basically guided by two single principles:

There needs to be an urgent humanitarian need for us to spend our or your money. And we are only willing to invest our money or resources if we would fund it from our own private money. If this principle would be applied by all organizations to handle donations with such care then there would be a much bigger impact where it is actually needed.

And as a second matter of principle, the people we help must always contribute with their own hard work towards the success of the project in an appropriate way.

  • This ensures that a real need is served, and
  • investments are carefully maintained and pursued.

Talk to us if you have any legal questions or questions about our projects, partners, or on how the projects are being run.

How you can help us

Would you like to have a positive effect on the life and future of a child? If you send a donation to The DEAR Foundation, 100% of it will be injected into your desired project on the following working day.

Find out more

Our donation account is as follows:

UBS Switzerland AG
CH-6301 Zug
IBAN CH73 0027 3273 2279 4795 Y

For donations of over CHF 100, a donation receipt will be issued automatically in January of the following year.

Estate and foundations

We will be happy to advise you, without obligation, so that your estate or part of it will lastingly help the poorest in the world, and help avoid unnecessary costs.