Applications procedure

Applicants to The DEAR Foundation Switzerland are usually charitable organisations (associations, foundations, institutions etc.), not private individuals or governments. Our statutes do not allow us to respond to personal requests for financial support.

Applications that are relevant to the DEAR Foundation Switzerland's fields of action can be sent to our office.

Application forms can be requested from our office:
Tel. +41 43 322 61 40

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland does not accept unsolicited applications for funding. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The submitted applications will be subjected to strict scrutiny. If your application does not meet our requirements, please do not apply. Please also note that The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is not involved in sponsoring activities.

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland allocates funds for:

(a) Organizations that offer evidence of their sustainability, including their projects' measurable outcomes and intended impact on the resolution of the problem at hand.
(b) Applying organizations must be non-governmental and submit documentation regarding their lawful registration in their country (countries) of operation.
(c) At least three years must have passed since the applying organizations' inception.
(d) Applying organizations must submit copies of their last two audited financial reports.
(e) Organizations that can provide upfront an overall business plan of their activities for the next 3 coming years
(f) Giving is limited to one of the following areas:
- Education
- Health
- Child protection
- Promotion of women's rights
- Economic empowerment
- Encouraging peaceful coexistence between religions withouth exclusion of other religions

Project areas that The DEAR Foundation Switzerland does not fund:

(a) Academic research
(b) Fundraising campaigns or events
(c) Donations to private people. The DEAR Foundation Switzerland regrets to inform that our statutes do not allow us to respond to personal requests for financial support.
(d) Conferences
(e) Political campaigns
(f) Financial deficits
(g) Repayment of loans
(h) Projects in developed countries unless relating to a poor population group
(i) Projects that primarily serve religious purposes
(j) Organizations or foundations for redistribution of funds via sub-grants
(k) Organizations that discriminate by reason of race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age or political views.

How you can help us

Would you like to have a positive effect on the life and future of a child? If you send a donation to The DEAR Foundation, 100% of it will be injected into your desired project on the following working day.

Find out more

Our donation account is as follows:

UBS Switzerland AG
CH-6301 Zug
IBAN CH73 0027 3273 2279 4795 Y

For donations of over CHF 100, a donation receipt will be issued automatically in January of the following year.

Estate and foundations

We will be happy to advise you, without obligation, so that your estate or part of it will lastingly help the poorest in the world, and help avoid unnecessary costs.