Our Fields of Action

We are committed to sustainably fighting poverty through:


Our main focus is on basic education. We want to assure that no child is ever forced into prostitution or criminal activities because he/she lacks schooling.This includes teaching people of all ages to read and write in their native languages and in many countries, to provide them with vocational training. We do not fund scholarships and higher education.


Wherever possible we help provide health services to the poorest populations. We support training for nurses and carers. The general population is also being trained in basic health issues such as nutrition, birth control, malaria prophylaxis and in avoiding transmitting sexual diseases and Aids. In addition we support programs that fight female genital mutilation (FGM).

A special project is our film: 'Brave Women Worldwide" dealing with breast cancer. Working with women worldwide - from Honduras and Guatemala to South Africa, and from Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Ghana to Vietnam, India, China, Tibet and Thailand, Palestine and Israel. We want to give life saving information to women who do not have access to regular health care systems. We want to remove taboos associated with self-examination in every culture so that the women can act early if they suspect having breast cancer. Our medical experts will give advice and valuable information.

Child Protection

We fight against child labour wherever possible, try to protect children from sexual exploitation and give them a childhood which deserves this name. Many projects focus on encouraging parents to help their children acquire formal education.
Furthermore we care for children with special needs, disabilities and traumas.

Promoting women's rights

We believe that women worldwide should be able to choose their own path in life. Whenever poor women get educational and medical support, their children will also benefit directly. We want to empower women in the Muslim world and in other cultures worldwide. We want men everywhere to go along with these humanitarian principles and to realize that any positive development for women will be for their own good and for the good of their children.

Poverty Alleviation

Empower the poor to escape the fate of poverty by by providing education and creating work opportunities.

Economic Empowerment

Education is the key. We support training for gainful employment, entrepreneurship and fair trade for members of poor and marginalized population groups.

Encouraging peaceful coexistence between religions

We believe that religion can be a very positive force in life if it does not become radical. It should never be used to suppress women. Any religious orientation, whatever it may be, must be tolerant towards others irrespective of their religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, health and level of functioning, political and other affiliations. We strongly believe that this is a religious duty for everyone. Education about different religions and their origins help to become more understanding and tolerant towards others.

Religion as an alibi for inhumane behaviour or the lack of morals and ethics are never to be accepted.

Applications to us

Applications that concern the above fields of action can be sent to our office.
Please note that The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is not involved in sponsorig activities. Applicants to The DEAR Foundation Switzerland are usually charitable organisations (associations, foundations, institutions etc.). Please also note that the statutes of The DEAR Foundation Switzerland do not allow to support private individuals or governments.

Application forms can be requested from our office:
Tel. +41 43 322 61 40

The submitted applications will be subjected to strict scrutiny. If your application does not meet our requirements, please do not apply.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

How you can help us

Would you like to have a positive effect on the life and future of a child? If you send a donation to The DEAR Foundation, 100% of it will be injected into your desired project on the following working day.

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Our donation account is as follows:

UBS Switzerland AG
CH-6301 Zug
IBAN CH73 0027 3273 2279 4795 Y

For donations of over CHF 100, a donation receipt will be issued automatically in January of the following year.

Estate and foundations

We will be happy to advise you, without obligation, so that your estate or part of it will lastingly help the poorest in the world, and help avoid unnecessary costs.